Open Council Public Statements

Notice: This section houses public statements and declarations, made by the Open Council which is the Trustee Council of the extra teritorrial Open Constitution AI Network, issued in the general public interest of the planet. The network is a private property of its participants and its intellectual contents are available to beneficiaries across the world.

It is therefore, in the interests of the network’s beneficiary that the Trustee Council is empowered to issue public statements. Read about the Governance model here.

These public statements are peer reviewed and their contents are discussed in the member conventions. Highly qualified research data and Ground Zero reports are admissible in these statements. The statements are also the result of the members work and effort in observing actions by public bodies in different terrirotories on the planet.

Instructions for media: How to read?

  1. The statements are recorded date-wise and cover subject(s) requiring the Foundation‘s attention, ranging from a global crisis to observations and advisories to government and non-governmental agencies and the Foundation‘s own self-governance model.
  2. Read relevant Guiding Principles below:
  3. Read Section: Statement on Non violence and Terrorism.
  4. Read the Glossary for terminologies used in this public statement.

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