About CouncilPost

Back in 2019, CouncilPost started as a publication for members of the Muellners Foundation. These posts covered social, financial inclusion and green finance.

We noticed that the independent, publishing platform was visited by people from across the world.

In 2022, we worked on making CouncilPost systems more aligned with open source and ethical AI best practices.

In 2023, we decided to scale the platform for a public release.

All research, opinion, editorials, news, blogs, articles, documentation, white papers, observation papers, published on this platform are collectively open source research, licensed with Open Constitution license. The research resources are powered by the Open Constitution AI Network. 

What is Council Post?
An open-research publication, which uses editorial independence of the Open Council, governing body of a public association initiative that self governs Open Constitution AI Network.

CouncilPost is a peer-reviewed, open access, trans-disciplinary journal.

The editorial independence comes from different constitutional bodies of the Open Council such as Media Council and its Committees such as Media C.W.C. These bodies are part of constitutional set up of Open Constitution AI Network.

CouncilPost covers downloadable open source and peer reviewed research literature from the Open Constitution AI network’s Contributions Delivery Subnet.

CouncilPost platform generally covers subjects and domains of research and fulfils Open Constitution AI Network’s Objectives.

We adopt a range of practices relating to the conduct and communication of research.’’

The core idea of CouncilPost is that the process and outputs of research should be made as open and transparent as possible, and readily available.

‘’CouncilPost uses Contributions Delivery Subnet of the Open Constitution AI Network to uphold freedom of journalism and data integrity.”


We always make following items public for any Open Research, conducted by the Foundation:

Transparent sources of public data with ability for any third party to audit results independently. Gain Access through borderless social account here.

Transparent Research methodology. 

Track Mode of any Research publication.

Draft histories and Editorial Reviews.

General Public Discussions and comments on the subject of Research.

Read more on Contribution Guidelines to CouncilPost Platform.

General Public and Public Agencies can also participate in the Open Research, by registering their feedback on CouncilPost’s Public Review Platform;


Open Research published on the CouncilPost is pursued by members of the Open Constitution AI network, within the Articles of Association of the Open Constitution AI Network. The open research follows research conventions and framework so that linked AI services do not produce or present inaccurate information and mis-interpretative results. A common conventional language also ensures that knowledge base powering the CouncilPost platform is pristine instead of scattered knowledge.

Read the conventional frameworks used for different domains of research. The frameworks are maintained as part of embedded knowledge base of the AI network. 

Things are up and running here.

If you’d like to stay up to date and receive emails, or when any new Public Notice, Advisory or a discussion paper is published as an open research release, you can subscribe to CouncilPost.

Community Wiki

Read Open Constitution AI network’s Guiding Principles.

Read network’s open source policy and community resources on Data Protection and data residency regime.

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