Creator’s Conundrum eh? Do you mean God?

Purpose of this Article is to inspire introspection and critical thinking in younger generations of human kind.

  • Address prevalent cognitive biases deeply ingrained in the minds of Homo sapiens.
  • Strive to resolve differences through peaceful dialogue and democratic actions.
  • Consume information wisely and avoid spreading disinformation.
  • Celebrate differences to create a harmonious reality.
  • Foster global governance for humanity.
  • Consider fellow beings more than oneself to make the world livable.

The human species has unfortunately lost sight of what lies ahead. It is crucial to address the prevalent cognitive biases deeply ingrained in the minds of Homo sapiens. This is why we witness socio-political and socio-economic events, where people from different parts of the world are striving to resolve their differences. Some choose peaceful dialogue and democratic actions, while others tragically resort to armed conflicts due to these fundamental cognitive biases. It’s clear that if one learns from misguided sources, their ability to think critically becomes clouded.

I can’t help but wonder if the sluggish neurological tendencies found in humans prevent them from seeing beyond their immediate surroundings. Are they trapped in an endless loop of perceiving reality with biased perspectives? Such repetitive patterns often create false constructs within individuals and hinder their intellectual growth.

It baffles me which God (a concept representing the Creator) or religious text instructs this bipedal scavenger species to kill in its name. How long will future generations have to bear the consequences of older generations’ rigid thinking and limited understanding of the universe?

Has Homo sapiens advanced so far beyond its existential foundation that it conceals its curiosity about existence behind empty words of cooperation? Does fear hold them back from venturing into unknown territories?

“My world, my reality, my god, my religion, my belief systems.” Unfortunately, once indoctrinated with such narrow views, individuals fail to see beyond them. It’s a foolish way of living; therefore, it is vital for humans to consume information wisely. Regrettably, there are those who spread disinformation through private controlled groups that a significant portion of society willingly consumes because they avoid grappling with challenging questions related to our existential reality.

Even if there is a creator (referred as God), I believe they must be amused by this circus called life on Earth today. What good does it do when we save soil and water in one part of the world while children suffer from malnutrition and destitute individuals go to bed hungry? I wear warm clothes while others experience poverty, remaining unclothed and surviving on leftovers found in garbage bins.

    What purpose do constructs like “vanity” serve when the vulnerable are being assaulted elsewhere?

    If the creator is an internalised agency of a creation, then a natural hard problem for a creator is “to intervene or not to intervene”. This dilemma can be referred to as Creator’s Conundrum.
    Either Creator doesn’t exist within creation, or exists but doesn’t intervene or the creator’s intervention continuously disrupts the current state of affairs. Or perhaps the Creator is simply lazy in finding a resolution to remove the conundrum itself.

    Why can’t humans comprehend that their material reality isn’t confined within 2000-year-old stories, flags representing nations, or accumulated wealth that grants fictional power over others? How long will modern human beings remain enslaved by outdated ideologies where differences are exploited rather than celebrated to create a harmonious reality?

    Observing events caused by fractured cognitive processes in some minds makes me wonder if even the wrath of the Creator (a concept symbolizing creator’s anger towards participants of the creation, and those who claim to fear Creator) isn’t enough for this species. It’s possible that some troubled minds seek self-destruction due to exhaustive cognitive biases hindering their ability to process sensory input into the future effectively. These minds tend to create causal relationships in the material world, disturbing peace and serenity.

    A creator would question us: “What are you doing? Why do you hoard resources, build weapons for destruction, foster hate and enmity among different groups of people, in the name of various existential belief systems, all loosely tied to the creator?” Unfortunately, global governance for humanity does not yet exist; instead we have nation-states projecting their conflicts onto one another like an endless Venn diagram with no ceiling. It does not help that older generations traumatised with burden of 19th century, have left a legacy of confusion for today’s generations of humans including themselves. The confusion is regarding the fundamental diversity within society.

    Looking back now, it seems that minority influences wrongly believe they hold exclusive rights over history’s course. In such cases where minority influences dominate the majority, people are forced to concoct false ideas in their minds to serve subset interests within a self-centered world. This only benefits a few, for a short period and creates an exclusive environment.

    If we genuinely want to make this world livable, we must ask ourselves: “Am I considering my fellow beings more than myself?” If the answer is no, then we are not truly living; instead, we are merely existing like billions of other organisms in this ecosystem. There’s nothing special about us except that our existence may contribute to fossil fuel for future advanced human species.

    No matter how much power, money, or luxury one accumulates, it does not define real human existence. It’s merely a cognitive drama played out before our eyes. However, this drama can easily be deconstructed if logical truths are contextualized within any conceptual framework that has trapped our cognition.

    In this context, the concept of an ecosystem’s Creator is described as an agency that can exist either outside or inside the created ecosystem. In relation to the human world, it is important to acknowledge that God is commonly referred to as the creator in various faiths and belief systems. This portrayal describes the almighty being to an agency present in and beyond our defined universe. Terms such as “God’s home” or “heaven” do not clearly indicate whether they are internal or external, or both. The notion of being distinctly external to the world cannot be precisely defined within human cognitive conventions when communicating the concept of ‘Creation’ to another person. A deeper understanding of observers may also contribute to defining how we perceive a creator from our own internalized world.

    From Divisiveness to Diversity

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